Find Me If You Can book #HolidayGift

Find Me If You Can is a great book made by the people at Bammco.  It is a great book using pictures of your child(ren) to make a great keepsake that will be with your family for generations!  It makes a great gift for your child, or any other child that you know.

Every page inside this book is unique and one of a kind.  You can even have them use all of your children inside of one book, which is a great money saver, and let’s your children do something together, while they try to find their pictures among the other pictures of children inside the book!  The books are spiral bound, and hard cover books, which ensure that they’ll be around for a while, even if your little one is hard on books!

I’m sure that you remember books like Where’s Waldo, and I Spy…well, this is a form of those books that feature your child(s) face(s) from pictures that you send in, instead of objects or Waldo in the midst of great pictures of other children, and other greatly colored objects.  Pretty great idea, because all children love to look at other kids, and they also love to find things.  Your children’s names are on the last page, and no picture is used without your permission, which is a great thing.

We really loved this book, and I’m sure that the child in your life, whether they’re your children, or someone else’s child, will love them as much as my kids do.  Also makes a great gift that any child will cherish for their entire life.  Imagine being able to share a book like this with your picture inside to share with your grandchildren, or they to share with their grandchildren!

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