Skoy Cloths Review & Giveaway

Wet • Wipe • Wow
As many of you know Tates has been very sick (hoping to write about that soon!) which has made it necessary to sanitize our entire apartment.  I am so happy I had Skoy cloths to use during my cleaning process!  If you haven’t heard of these wonderful multi-use cloths here is a little information from their site:
SKOY cloth is…
Muti-Use cloth
The SKOY cloth is a fabulous, absorbent, biodegradable and natural multi-use cloth.  Our re-usable earth friendly cloth is perfect in your kitchen, bathroom, and on most surface areas in your home or office.  SKOY cloth can be used in place of your sponge, wash cloth or paper towels.  1 cloth replaces 15 rolls of paper towels!
100% biodegradable

It is a European made product and 100% biodegradable because it is made from a natural cotton and wood-based cellulose pulp.  SKOY cloth is a chlorine-free product using water-based colors and inks.  After an independent composting test, SKOY cloth broke down completely within 5 weeks.

The SKOY cloth has an absorption factor of 15x its own weight.  As a result, producing the most superior cloth product available.  Imagine using 15 sheets of good-quality paper towels at once… This is how a wet SKOY cloth will feel in your hand.                 
Re-usable & Clean
The SKOY cloth is long-lasting because of the wash ability feature.  It dries quickly, so it is not a breeding ground for bacteria.    Have you ever used your sponge, then smelled your hand and it reeked of horrible bacteria? That will never happen again if you microwave your SKOY cloth regularly. It is also dishwasher and washer/dryer safe. Cleaning your SKOY cloth will keep it healthy and germ-free.    
I LOVE that they can be washed and reused!  Sponges to me are so gross and harbor bacteria, germs and nasty smells!  My Skoy cloths are always clean smelling and if in doubt I can simply toss them in with the dishes or laundry.  You can’t do that with a sponge or paper towels!   And they are so soft!  Not all scratchy like sponges!    
 If you want to see the scrubbing power these cloths have I have a perfect example!  Let’s say maybe you left the macaroni and cheese on the stove and forgot about it. (I know this would NEVER happen to a busy mom right?!)  Here is a before and after picture of me using the cloth on a scary looking pot.
Skoy also comes in super cute prints!
I also really love supporting a business that was started by 2 moms (Michelle and Karen) that give back to the community.  Skoy offers a school fundraising program which is fabulous!  The schools involved keep 40% of the gross profit.  This is a great way to help your child’s school and purchase something you need and want!  You can sign up for fundraising opportunities HERE.
You can purchase your Skoy cloths through the Skoy site or online retailers.
One lucky Eco Baby Mama Drama reader will win one set of their very own Skoy cloths in the cute flower print!

I was provided a set of Skoy cloths at no charge for this review, all opinions are my own and unbiased.


  1. fave feature of skoy, would have to be the fast drying, and of course the cute yet simple design on it! also your demonstration in your review of the scrubbing power!

  2. LindaHnub says:

    Yay for Skoy!!! 🙂

  3. sanitize in the microwave!

  4. i like that it dries quickly so bacteria can't spread

  5. Semi Crunchy Momma says:

    I would love to try these because I'm sick of buying papertowels weekly

  6. latanya says:

    I like that it will hold bacteria

  7. Midnight Mommy says:

    that you can reuse them again and again!

  8. gurlonfire2004 says:

    I like that skoy cloths are reusable, so I don't use so many paper towels and napkins.

  9. Rude And Not Ginger says:

    I like that it is biodegradable.

  10. Baby and the Chi's says:

    I love that it's reusable! I hate sponges with a passion, and this seems like an incredible alternative!

    gothickornchic at gmail dot com

  11. anw1107 says:

    i like that it dries fast

  12. Minnesota Momma says:

    looks cute i love reusable products

  13. I like that it is reusable, cotton-based, and can be 'cleaned' in the microwave.

  14. ROW-ZMARCH says:

    biodegradable <3 yay!

  15. laurenjagertheqt says:

    I like everything about it, especially since its reusable.

  16. Madeline says:

    Love that it won't grow bacteria.

  17. Mrs.Smitty says:

    I love that it can be cleaned/sterilized in the microwave!
    rasmith0506 at gmail dot com

  18. I love that they are biodegradable and can be reused over and over before wearing out (I have one so I can contest to this! Been using it for a couple of months now. I need MORE!) LOL
    tvpg at aol dot com

  19. I like the fact that they can be washed & don't breed bacteria.

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